Hanuman Chalisa - Purifying Love

by VanDeRocker

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    This Chalisa is available to download as a gift to raise awareness for the causes listed below. Enjoy! Share the music! Share the love!



Text written by Goswami Tulsidas

Music written and performed by VanDeRocker

The intention behind this Chalisa is to assist and support any personal and collective transformation for the highest good. Purifying Love means that anything that doesn’t serve us and this planet for the highest good be lovingly removed with ease and grace, thus allowing us to reach our highest potential, and be our happiest, most loving and beneficial manifestation. One big example of this kind of transformation is the process of aging and transition through death into the astral plane and heavens beyond. Much too many seniors are not given the respect and support they need and deserve as they go through this process. Additionally there are many instances of a “rebirth experience” in one life that requires similar support. People suffering drug addiction is a good, and unfortunately, very common example of this experience. So for this Chalisa, I chose to support charities that a geared toward helping seniors and addicts. But really, there are thousands of examples where ‘purifying love’ are required, and I ask you to hold yourself or anyone you know in the deepest, warmest place in your heart to honor and assist yourself or those stepping through this ring of fire, and emerging through the other side completely purified, filled with love, stronger, bigger, and better for the highest good.

Click on the links below to learn about what a few organizations in India are doing to help seniors and addicts, and if you can, please make a donation of any amount to help support their efforts.


A prayer infused in this Chalisa:

May all beings be guided with and by Divine Love through any and all transitions and transformation with precision, ease, and grace. Let all obstacles be removed and let any impurities pass through us while leaving our bodies and souls in perfect form, strength, health and resilience. Give us clarity, courage, and balance in ego to help ourselves and others as necessary. Let us remember that whatever is released will be replaced with something more suitable, enjoyable, or beneficial. Let us trust that whatever needs to go will go, and whatever needs to stay will stay. Let us always be blanketed in loving protection as we encounter and pass through any purification process. Let us be healed, rested, and rejuvenated completely after the transformation has occurred, thus allowing us to manifest into our highest potential, enjoy our lives to it’s fullest, be of the most benefit as possible, experience and be as much love as possible. All for the highest and best good of all involved.

Do your best. Love everybody. And remember how incredibly loved you are in return.

*Special thanks to Jerry Montoya for his beautiful artwork
*Remembering my Dad, Hap, with love and gratitude for all the many gifts he gave me, including that of music. Love.


released June 14, 2017



all rights reserved


VanDeRocker Los Angeles, California

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